No Equals
Adam and Delaney O’Keeffe have been married for 13 years. Their picture-perfect family started as a fairy tale romance. Delaney found Adam to be charming, talented, and handsome. It didn’t take long for his charisma to cast a spell on Delaney. Part of the community socialites, the O’Keeffe’s attend all the events, host parties, coach youth sports, volunteer at church, and babysit whenever someone needs a hand. In return, all their community involvement allows the O’Keeffe’s to run a successful insurance brokerage company. After all, they are the perfect couple: equal partners running their company and raising their three adorable boys. However, their public persona is quite different from the life they lead behind closed doors. 

As the years go by, Adam becomes more controlling and manipulating. By their tenth anniversary, Delaney is constantly spinning her wheels, just trying to keep him happy. In his arrogance, he believes he’s better than Delaney and the kids. Adam’s aggression grows to the point where he is verbally abusing her regularly. Adam belittles Delaney until she’s on the brink of a meltdown. Little by little, Delaney finds the strength to realize she’s not as crazy as he keeps telling her. Delaney’s struggles become all too real when she realizes he has multiple black-market addictions. Will she find a way to pull away, stand her ground, and find the strength to move on?
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