No Means
Declan moved to Del Sol after finishing his law degree at Yale University. Declan has never lost a criminal case. Everyone Declan has ever represented, has walked away free. He wins because he’s ruthless. He’s articulate, and his communication skills are impeccable. He gives facts like someone telling a bedtime story, allowing juries to draw their reasonable conclusions. His research skills are top-notch. For the rare occasion when a jury might be undecided, there’s always enough dirt he’s dug up on the plaintiff to raise questionable doubt. Declan channels his childhood pain to fuel all his battles. His eyes are Payne gray and cold as ice. He has an uncanny ability to read others, mostly because people choose to ignore him. All his life Declan’s been a people watcher. Learn. Listen. He looks up to people, only to tear them down. He’s damn good at it.
Declan was born with achondroplasia. His teenage years were horrific, filled with bullying, being the odd kid out, and having to fight for every opportunity to participate as a normal kid. He was used to people looking at him like he was from outer space. He allowed their jokes and comments to torment him. He internalized his anger, and every day he’d go to school, just trying to disappear. He’d sit in the back of the classrooms, daydreaming of Lotte, the Scottish cheerleader. 5’6” to his 4’5” he’d pretend they were going to the prom together. Lotte, with her blonde hair and high cheekbones, was a magnet to the high school quarterback as well.
Declan was requested by name to represent Mrs. Barre in the death of her husband. The pro-bono case didn’t appeal to Declan one bit. He never does anything pro-bono. He stopped by the jail to meet with Mrs. Barre to turn down the case and give her recommendations for another lawyer. He stops cold when he realizes it’s Lotte. For the first time in his life, he’s at a loss for words. She’s sitting across from him, looking scared and begging for his help. Is she guilty? Can he help her without jeopardizing his ethical obligations? Will Lotte see Declan for the man he is? With the odds stacked against her, can Declan work an acquittal, or does he ruin he record?
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