No More

Delaney wants more out of life and she’s been through hell. Delaney moves to Florida for a fresh start, but Adam still haunts her. As a distraction, Delaney throws herself into her work. Having re-established herself, she’s thankful for her freedom, which gives her strength. Delaney needs to learn how to trust people and realize that not everyone suffers from narcissistic tendencies. She promises herself she’ll never allow herself to be vulnerable again. Telling yourself everyone is different is not the same as believing it. Can you get more out of life if you’re afraid to move forward? Liam, suffering from the grief of losing his wife, is intrigued by Delaney, but he has difficulties with her independence. Liam is a police officer dealing with insurmountable medical debt hanging over his head. He feels inferior to Delaney. Liam’s daughter, Biancia, looks identical to his belated wife. He finds it difficult to let go of repeating thoughts about their relationship. Liam feels his whole purpose in life was taking care of his wife and meeting her needs. Now that she’s in a better place, he feels empty, and having difficulty finding his identity.
Delaney starts to feel like a failure again. As a leader, she’s always telling people to start living and enjoy the view from the skinny branches instead of hugging the tree bark. She realizes her self-limiting behaviors are mutilating her opportunities for her personal growth. Moving forward, they know they’ll never get more out of life if they live with regrets.
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